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Tizio, Richard Sapper for Artemide.

Richard Sapper’s Artemide Tizio is without a doubt one of the most famous designs by Artemide. This unique construction, as beautiful as practical, has been integrated perfectly in various places for everyday use since the seventies until now, while at the same time being one of the major showpieces in many important design museums all over the world, amongst others the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

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Tizio, a practical classic in the world of design.

Tizio is practical, aesthetic and stylish. This unique registered trademark by Richard Sapper for Artemide has been a success since the 1970s and is still very popular today. Tizio has been modern for 30 years now.

One of Tizio’s plus-points is the innovative construction with counterweights to balance the fixture according to your preferences. Isn’t that after all what everyone expects from a desk- or worktable-lamp?

A transformer in the lamp base avoids the need of electrical wires. So Tizio doesn’t take much place on your desks, while nevertheless providing direct lighting.

The halogen lamp may be a common light source nowadays, in the 1970s however Sapper’s choice for the halogen lamp was revolutionary. The light source is one of the reasons that Tizio is still practical and modern.

Tizio has become a symbol of design and timelessness worldwide. Tizio is practical in use, aesthetic and durable.

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Tizio exists in several colours, white, black, aluminium and others. Click on the pictures below for more information about Tizio.
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